Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
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Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy

Eren Group’s objectives are:

Ensure sustainable and environment-friendly growth,

Invest in environment-friendly cutting edge technologies,

Recycle wastes generated during production processes
and convert these into energy.
In line with this vision following actions are taken;
Thanks to fue as denitrification
systems installed with an
investment ofUSD 160 million,
we ensure emission levels at
Eren Enerji Electricity
Generation Plant are compatible with the regulation of European Union
Large Incineration Plants.
Eren Enerji has built the firstNitrogen Oxide
Treatment Plant

of Turkey among coal based
thermal plants.
Turkey’s first Solid Waste
Incineration Plant in operation under
Modern Energy, built with an investment of
USD 110 million , generates 27,6 MW
electricity or 100 tons
of Steam power from paper wastes.
We prevent cutting of
17 million trees
every year, by using
100% paper
waste in production process at
Modern Karton.
At Modern Karton treatment plants
built with an investment of
USD 35 million,
we abate water contamination

and recycle the waste water.
Within the scope of renewable energy,
we generate 6 MW electricity energy
at our biogas plant being operated
under current water treatment plant
built in Çorluwith an investment of
USD 5 million.