Chairman’s Message
Chairman’s Message
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Eren Group, which provides job opportunity for its own staff of 8500 personnel and for 3500 people working at the affiliated sub-contractors which equals to totally 12.000 people, achieved a successful performance also in 2017. It is important to achieve a successful result in the geography that our Turkey is located in. It is a big success for both a country which embodies huge amounts of immigrants, experienced a coup attempt, trying to cope with external and internal political issues and the companies in that country being growing in terms of economic growth.

Both on TL basis and dollar basis, our group’s sales increased with a rate over Turkey’s growth rate. There is big share of our past investments which we are getting return now.

Unfortunately, Eren Enerji faced with cross fire because the sales price of the electricity that we produce is decreased and the purchase price of the coal we used is increased, however it could be able to close 2017 with a positive EBITDA.

We shall start to get the results of the investment that we made in cement field in 2018. Our cement factory in Mersin is now Turkey’s biggest cement exporter which exports three-quarter of its production. We shall obtain better results from these exports, when our potential markets such as Iraq, Syria and Libya which are coping with political crisis and civil wars.

The Lodging construction at Bitlis Eren University which is one of our social responsibility projects, continued rapidly and it shall be put into service for the faculty members in 2018. When compared with last year, there has been significant increases for both student numbers which are given scholarship and the scholarship amount.

As always, we want our products which we produce and sell to be preferred in first degree by the consumers. We want to have work places which the working people could prefer in the first degree. We want to be the best neighbor in our vicinity.

We know that to achieve these is not easy. However, I am sure that all my colleagues will be in a great strive. I would like to express my thanks to both to them and to the board members for the support they have provided.

Ahmet EREN