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Medcem Cement Plant, Medcem Madencilik ve Yapı Malzemeleri San. Tic. A.Ş. is built with the highest sensitivity to the environment by using the state-of-the-art technological systems and launched its production operations in the second half of 2015.

Medcem Cement, with its annual clinker production output of 3.5 million tons, has taken its rank in the industry as the largest cement plant in Turkey and Europe with the highest production volume in a single line. Our Plant, which is designed with a large part of its production planned for export, aims to become a rapidly growing brand in the world by steadily increasing its market share within the global market, as well as continuing to add value to homeland Turkey within the body of Eren Holding.

Medcem Cement continues to increase its power in the international arena with its investment move, the foundation of which was laid in August 2021.

With the new 230 m. dollar investment, which is planned to be completed in 20 months, by increasing the annual clinker production from 3.5 m tons to 6.5 m tons, with an output increase investment of approximately 90%, it provides at least 30% more employment in the number of employees and is the world's largest cement plant. It is getting ready to take its place among the manufacturers that have the largest cement plant.

Medcem Global is the only company of Eren Holding licensed to export cement and clinker. It is the largest single-location cement and clinker exporter across Europe and the Middle East, with exports of approximately 4 million tons of cement and clinker. With a wide range of products, it mainly exports to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and America.

Besides cement and clinker, Medcem Global is also responsible for the domestic sales and export of volatile ash and FGD generated in result of coal burning at Eren Energy Zonguldak Thermal Power Plant. With 2020, Medcem Global has also stepped into export sales of Bauxite and GBFS.

Employing its global business network and years of experience, Medcem Global carries on to invest in mill and terminal projects in West and North Africa, the Black Sea basin, the Eastern Mediterranean and South America without slowing down.

Medcem Beton Üretim ve Pazarlama A.Ş was set up to meet the ready-mixed concrete needs of the Mediterranean Region under its brand new name and new staff, thanks to its 22-year synergy, experience and knowledge it has created in the Turkish ready-mixed concrete industry in the Aegean Region.

In January 2015, it was first located in the region by Karacailyas Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant in Akdeniz district of Mersin province.

As of July 2015, Sarıçam Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant in Adana and Yalınayak, Mezitli Ready-Mixed Concrete Plants in Mersin entered the region and quickly occupied their position in the industry.

The company continues its operations in the region with a concrete production output of 1.500.000 m3/year, 40 transmixers, 10 mobile and one stationary pumps in 5 different locations with Sarıçam in Adana, Karacailyas, Yalınayak, Mezitli and Anamur plants in Mersin.

It will carry on its way to grow with the principles of social benefit and clean environment by bringing together the elements of product, quality, distribution and the right price, which are the needs of the modern age, and to carry the customer satisfaction to the highest level with confident steps.