Medcem Global
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Medcem Global is the only Member Company of Eren Holding that has cement investments abroad and is licensed to export cement and clinker.

In addition to cement and clinker, Medcem Global is responsible for selling to the domestic market and exporting fly ash, bottom ash and synthetic gypsum (FGD Gypsum) produced as a result of the coal burning process at Eren Energy Zonguldak Thermal Power Plant. In this context, Medcem Global is the world's largest exporter of fly ash by sea.

Not keeping limited to this, Medcem has also launched its bauxite sales and GBFS exports in the past years.

Medcem, which has become a brand in the industry with its diversified product range that day by day and continues to enhance the value of this brand every passing day.

Medcem Global, which exports 4 million tons of cement and clinker per annum under its investments in different parts of the world, will be the largest cement exporter across Europe from a single location when the investments are accomplished.

Employing its global business network and years of experience, Medcem Global carries on to invest in mill and terminal projects in West and North Africa, the Black Sea basin, the Eastern Mediterranean and South America without slowing down.

Web address:  www.medcemglobal.com.tr