Eren Energy
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With a total capacity of 1390 MW/S, Eren Enerji meets 5% of the electricity demand requirements of Turkey. Çatalağzı thermal plant of the Group, located at Zonguldak is composed of 3 units, with a total investment value of USD 1, 6 billion.

Following the first unit operating since July 2010, with 160 MW circulating fluidized bed, investments in energy are continued by putting into operation second and third units with 615 MW capacity. The major feature of the two units with 615 MW capacity is that they are the first supercritical plants founded in Turkey.

Two units each with a capacity of 700 MW are envisaged to be commissioned in midyear 2016, increasing the total installed power of Eren Enerji to 2790 MW.

Facility has in total 1000 employees. Also a port is built to supply coal need of plants and it is the largest port of Black Sea allowing 170,000 DWT vessels to dock.