Medcem Port
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Medcem Port was established under the supervision of Taşucu Port Authority and Taşucu Customs Directorate in order to discharge the fuel and raw material-supplying vessels of the group company Medcem Çimento factory in Silifke/Taşucu Yeşilovacık district and to ship the Clinker and Cement produced in our factory with the ships. The handling capacity of our port is 8.000.000 Mton/Year.

In parallel with the ongoing capacity increase investment at our Medcem Cement factory, we are continuing to work on alternative projects to increase the capacity of additional docks, additional silos and handling in our port in the upcoming period.

We are planning to complete these evaluations in a very short time and start our capacity increase investment at our port.

Port Coordinates
Latitude 36° 10’ 50’’, Longitude 33° 39’ 10’’

Port Information

Handled Load Information:

Coal, Bulk Cement, Bulk Clinker, Packaged Cement and Other Cargo Loads.


1 Unit of 30.000 Mton Capacity Cement Silo
1 Unit of 5.000 Mton Capacity Clinker Silo
4 Unit of 2.000 Mton Capacity Steel Cement Silo
1 Unit of 3.445 m2 Closed Warehouse

Total Port Area:

57.000 m2

Dock Information:
Rıhtım NoBoyEnDraft
1154 m.24 m.10-12 m.
2190 m.35 m.13-17 m.
3190 m.35 m.13-17 m.

Handling Equipment:

1 Unit of LPS 420 Liebherr 1000 Mton/h Coal Discharge
2 Units of Bedeschi Shiploader 1400 Mton/h Cement/Clinker Loading
1 Unit of Mass Shiploader 500 Mton/h Cement Loading
1 Unit of Sennebogen 870 Mobile Crane
Services Given to the Ships:

Guard Boat
1 Unit of Guard Boat with 20 Knot Speed

2 Units of Towing Boats with 30 Ton Towing Power
1 Unit of Mooring Boat

Waste Delivery:
The wastes received from the ships under the license of the T.R. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization are dewatered at the waste reception facility and sent to licensed recovery facilities and disposal facilities.

Fresh Water:
24 hours of fresh water supply service is provided to the ships from the valves on the docks.

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